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Links relating to his film & tv work:

Alexander Brooks: official website

'Decision of the Heart' official website, in German

'Silk' official website

'Go Go Tales' official website

'Rome' official website

'Crime Novel' (Romanzo Criminale) official website, in Italian

'This is my Land' (Questa e' la mia terra) official website, in Italian

'Submerged' - the true story, set photos and an interview with director James Keach

'The Discovery of Heaven' Mulholland Films website in English & Dutch

IMDb film and tv summaries:

'We Believed' (Noi credevamo)

'All The Love In The World' (Tutto l'amore del mondo)

'Decision of the Heart' (Entscheidung des Herzens)

'Go Go Tales'



'The Father of the Brides' (Il Padre delle Spose)



'If By Chance' (Casomai)


'Crime Novel' (Romanzo Criminale)

'The Discovery of Heaven'

'Knights of the Quest' (I Cavalieri Che Fecero L'Impresa)

'The Price' (Il Prezzo)

'Don Matteo'

'Lion's Days' (Giorni da Leone)

'Crime Against Crime' (Crimine Contro Crimine)

'So-Called Friends'

Alexander has happily worked with:

Andrew Wright - Minimum Wage Films

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Recommended sites:

The Hunger Site