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Film, tv and video:

'Les Misérables'. Film by Tom Hooper for Working Title & Cameron Mackintosh. Role: 'François'. Principals: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe. 2012.

'So This Is Christmas!'. Channel 4 TV programme by Mike Christie for TwoFour. Role: 'Dad'. 2011.

'We Believed' ('Noi credevamo'). Film by Mario Martone for Palomar. Role: 'English Terrorist'. Principals: Fiona Shaw, Tony Servillo, Luigi Lo Cascio, Luca Zingaretti. 2010.

'All the Love in the World' ('Tutto l'amore del mondo'). Film by Riccardo Grandi for Medusa. Role: 'Poker Player'. Principals: Sergio Rubini, Nicolas Vaporidis. 2009.

'Decision of the Heart' ('Entscheidung des Herzens'). ZDF TV movie by Thomas Herrmann for Grundy UFA. Role: 'Inspector Conan Frey'. Principals: Michael Degen & Gaby Dohm. 2009.

'Go Go Tales'. Film by Abel Ferrara for Bellatrix Media. Role: 'Wall Street Broker'. Principals: Willem Dafoe, Bob Hoskins, Matthew Modine, Asia Argento, Sarah Miles. 2007.

'Silk'. Film by François Girard for Fandango. Role: 'Loiseau'. Principals: Keira Knightley, Michael Pitt, Alfred Molina. 2007.

'Caravaggio'. Film and RAI TV movie by Angelo Longoni for Titania. Role: 'Jan Brueghel'. Principal: Alessio Boni. 2007.

'This Is My Land'. ('Questa è la mia terra', series 2, episode 6). Canale5 TV series by Raffaele Mertes for Endemol Mediavivere. Role: 'CIA agent'. Principal: Massimo Poggio. 2007.

'Heartbeat'. Promo for feature film by Elisa Fuksas. Role: 'Cook'. 2007.

'The Father of the Brides' ('Il Padre delle Spose'). RAI TV film by Lodovico Gasparini for Publispei. Role: 'Tasting Judge'. Principal: Lino Banfi. 2006.

'Rome'. (1st series, episodes 1 & 2). HBO/BBC TV series by Michael Apted and Steve Shill. Role: 'Milo'. Principals: Ciaràn Hinds, Ray Stevenson, Kevin McKidd, James Purefoy, Lindsay Duncan, Karl Johnson, Kenneth Cranham. 2005.

'Crime Novel' ('Romanzo Criminale'). Film by Michele Placido for Cattleya. Role: 'The Frenchman'. Principal: Stefano Accorsi. 2005.

'Empire' (1st series, episode 5). ABC TV series by Kim Manners & Joe Coppoletta for Touchstone Pictures. Role: 'The Pawnbroker. 2004.

'Don Matteo' (4th series, episode 9). RAI TV series by Andrea Barzini for Lux Vide. Role: 'Hired Killer'. Principal: Terence Hill. 2004.

'If By Chance' ('Casomai'). Film by Alessandro D'Alatri for Magic Moments. Role: Cannes Awards Presenter. Principals: Stefania Rocca, Fabio Volo. 2002.

'Submerged'. NBC TV movie by James Keach for Once Upon a Time. Role: Captain George Sharp. Principals: Sam Neill, James B Sikking. 2002.

'Lion's Days' ('Giorni da Leone'). RAI TV mini-series by Francesco Barilli for First Film. Role: Mr Smith, American magazine proprietor. Principals: Luca Barbareschi & Laura Marinoni. 2002.

'The Discovery of Heaven'. Film by Jeroen Krabbe for Mulholland & MetaFilm. Role: Father John, priest. Principal: Steven Fry. 2001.

'Knights on a Quest' ('I Cavalieri che Fecero l'Impresa'). Film by Pupi Avati for DueA. Role: 'Antonio', shepherd. Principals: Murray Abraham, Edward Furlong, Thomas Kretschmann, Raoul Bova, Kim Rossi Stuart. 2001.

'The Price' ('Il Prezzo'). Film by Rolando Stefanelli for Sintra. Role: trucker. Principals: Stefano Dionisi, Chiara Caselli. 2000.

'Crime Against Crime' ('Crimine Contro Crimine'). Film by Aldo Florio for Kino, Wagon Coop & RAI Film. Role: Senator George Ross. Principals: Giorgio Albertazzi, Maria Giulia Cavalli, Arnoldo Foà. 1998.

'So-Called Friends' . TV soap pilot by Andrew Wright for Minimum Wage. Role: Melvin Gibson. 1997.

'Change of Fortune'. Video film by Robert Bartram. Role: Wizard (protagonist). 1997.

'We're Only In It For The Money'. Video by Andrew Wright for Minimum Wage. Role: Lucifer Smithee. 1996.

'The Thief'. Video short by Robert Bartram. Role: Billy (protagonist). 1996.

TV ads:

'Telecom Alice ADSL' for Buddy Film. (Director: Eddy Chu; DoP: Dean Cundey.) Role: Sinister Man. (Principals: Valentino Rossi, Fernanda Lessa). 2004.

'The Euro' for Alto Verbano. Role: Tourist, protagonist. 2001/2002.

'Magic Tree' ('Arbre Magique') for Film Master. Role: Car thief, protagonist. 2001.

'Scratch & Win Lottery' ('Gratta e Vinci') for Cineteam. Role: Nuvolari the racing driver, protagonist. 2000.


'The Scrooge Project' adapted by Leslie Csuth, Sinne Mutsaers & Aletia Badenhorst from 'A Christmas Carol', directed by Aletia Badenhorst. Role: Scrooge, protagonist. 2002.

'Titanic' by Christopher Durang, directed by Brad Lapin. Role: Captain Smith. 2001.

'Tobacco Is Bad For You' by Anton Chekhov, directed by Eileen Wilkinson. Role: Ivan Nyukhin, principal. 2000.

'The Bear' by Anton Chekhov, directed by Bianca D'Aleppo. Role: Luke. 2000.

'A Singular Kinda Guy' by David Ives, directed by Gaby Ford. Role: The Guy, co-protagonist. 2000.

'Diversions' by Christopher Durang, directed by Marla Moffa. Role: Judge. 2000.

'1-900 Desperate' by Christopher Durang, directed by Jason Cardone. Role: Scuzzy. 2000.

'The Road to Ruin' by Richard Dresser, directed by Imogen Kusch. Role: Fred. 1999.

'Dentity Crisis' by Christopher Durang, directed by Cariddi Nardulli. Roles: Mr Summers & Harriet. 1999.

'The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From' by Christopher Durang, directed by Denise McNee. Role: Mr Hardy. 1999.

'DMZ' (Antigone) by Sophocles, adapted and directed by James O'Brien. Role: Tiresias. 1997.

'Abigail's Party' by Mike Leigh, directed by Martin Lee-Young. Role: Lawrence Moss, co-protagonist. 1996.

'De-Tox' written & directed by James O'Brien, Role: DC Perkins. 1996.

'Cabaret' by John Van Druten & Christopher Isherwood, directed by Jackie Rom. Role: Herr Schultz. 1996.

'Stags And Hens' by Willy Russell, directed by Mark Hollebon. Role: Peter, co-protagonist. 1995.

'Ernie's Incredible Illucinations' by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Kathryn Gilfoy. Role: Captain Mountaineer. 1995.

'The Argument Sketch' by Monty Python's Flying Circus, directed by Tom Byrd & Leslie Csuth. Role: Arguer, co-protagonist. 1995.

'The Caretaker' by Harold Pinter, directed by Kathryn Gilfoy. Role: Aston, co-protagonist. 1994.

'Alternative Cinderella', directed by Andrew Brown. 1994.


Alexander would like to express his gratitude to everyone who has helped him in his career so far, including:

the DETS, Daria Deflorian, Ilona & John Price, Eva & Alan Howe, Arthur Penn, Equity & RADA, Carolynn De Fonseca, Nathan Osgood, Studio Squillante, Beatrice Kruger, Irene Fawkes, Fernando Piazza, Ula & Alessandra, James Keach, James B Sikking, Rolando Stefanelli, Gaby Ford, Andrew Wright, Patricia Ledwith, Barbara Giordani, Valentino Macchi, Jeremy Zimmermann, Mario Martone and, finally, the late Shaila Rubin and Nick Alexander.